Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PHO - nominal!

I've been on a pho binge for a while, trying to find the best pho place in the Bay. While doing this, I realized that there are so many different types of pho that I didn't know about - "regular" southern pho, northern pho, and also something called pho bo kho!

"Regular" southern pho is the type of pho you can find at most places. It is served with options of rare beef, flank, tendon, beef balls, etc, and comes in a beef broth. The noodles are skinny & light. You can add your own siracha and plum sauce to it. It also comes with bean sprouts, lemon, cilantro, and peppers. One of my to-go spots to eat normal pho is PPQ located on Clement & 24th Ave. Yes, the same place that is known for their garlic crab & noodles.
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of pho from PPQ but here is regular pho from Golden Flower in Chinatown.
"Northern" type of pho restaurants are known for their chicken pho. It is served in a chicken broth and comes with big chunks of chicken in it. The noodles are wider & flatter than the normal southern pho noodles. Sometimes they bring out cilantro and bean sprouts you can add to it, but it does not come with any siracha or plum sauce. To me, the taste is perfect as is & does not need any more additional flavoring. The broth is lighter & has less MSG in it, so you don't feel as bloated & dehydrated after. Turtle Tower, located in the Outer Richmond and Civic Center/Tenderloin areas have really good northern pho.

And the third type of pho that I enjoy eating is called pho bo kho, also known as beef stew pho. You can find this type of pho at some, but not all southern pho restaurants. It comes with the normal skinnier noodles, but with a red, tomato, stew broth. It's a little thicker than the normal beef & chicken broths. It's served with chunks of beef, tendon, and carrots on it. The flavor is amazing...both salty & sweet. There are a few good places I've tried that have this type of food. One in San Jose called City Restaurant, one in SF Chinatown called Golden King, and my favorite one in the Sunset called Pho Huynh Hiep 2.

Please see my Yelp List of pho places for more suggestions on where to go!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bin 38

Just another wine/cheese bar. But this one serves food :) Complete with appetizers, dinner, and dessert! Bin 38 is located in the Marin district of San Francisco and although it's so hard to find parking in this area, this restaurant is definitely worth a try!

fried chickpeas with onions

mussels with french fries with a lobster bisque sauce

boar pasta with poached egg and parmesan cheese

dessert! cheese plate (3 cow's milk)