Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Palm Springs EATS

Palm Springs, also known as "the desert," surprisingly has a few pretty good restaurants to eat at. Three fabulous ones that stood out to me were walking distance from the cute, modern hotel called Alcazar which I stayed at.

I was told that Tyler's has the best burgers ever! They also had the best chicken salad sandwich ever! It came with a berry jam that is to-die-for!

Tyler's cheese burger slider - only $3 - the beef is delivered fresh daily from an organic farm nearby

Birba, a cute, dim-light, fancy pizzeria was right downstairs of the hotel. The burrata plate was amazing & came with an eggplant tapenade spread.

cheesy breadcrumb goodness stuffed artichoke 

prosciutto pizza

berry tart with vanilla ice cream

Cheeky's, also right downstairs of the hotel had amazing morning drinks - bloody mary in a boot glass & different flavors of mimosas (mango & tangerine)

from L to R - truffle hash browns, bacon flight, cheese scramble, cheese biscuit, maple sausage, orange waffles

bacon flight consisted of 5 different flavors of bacon, such as apple, maple, & jalapeno

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

swan oyster depot

Swan Oyster Depot is known for their daily variety of fresh seafood from lobster, scallops, and even live uni! WHAT WHAT! The hole-in-the-wall is made up of one long countertop that can fit about 20-25 guests, showcasing in the window all of their seafood for the day. The line is always long and if you go on a Saturday, the wait is probably atleast an hour, but it is definitely worth it! You are allowed to have a drink (or bottle for that matter) while standing in line. The staff is all super friendly. Hurry - GO!

door to heaven

fresh clam chowder - you could literally taste the clam juices

sicilian sashimi - salmon, scallops, and hamachi with olive oil, capers, onions, & cracked pepper

combination seafood salad with dungenous crab, large & small shrimp - served with a louie dressing

3 different kinds of oysters (they have a lot more to choose from!)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Caribbean Crown Princess cruise food!

Here are some of my favs & unique foods from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Caribbean Crown Princess cruise:

This is in Miami, Florida @ Puerto Sagua - oxtail stew, black beans, plantains, & rice

empanadas in Miami

Cuban sandwich

on Miss Crown Princess - bangers & mash, an English lunch

I had a cheese plate everyday on board!

and we had this pretty much everyday for breakfast too - lox, cream cheese bagel

conch in Roatan, Honduras - texture super chewy, made with garlic/butter sauce

most unique/weird thing eaten - WILD IGUANA - made pulled/shredded style & didn't have much taste since iguanas are vegetarians

Thanksgiving lobster dinner on board

veal with mushrooms, gravy, & truffle mash at Sabastini's on board

more cheese!

mixed plate - locals eat stewed chicken in Belize, really good!