Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Filipino Longanisa Sausage

Sausage is one of those foods where some people are super skeptical about because who knows what the heck is in it. I, personally am not a huge fan, although there are a handful of ones that I'd eat, such as Vienna, Portugese, and Lup Cheong (Chinese). There is one in particular that's my fave, and most complicated to cook, which is called Longanisa.

Longanisa is a filipino style sausage that comes in different styles and brands. I have not tried them all yet but so far my go-to is the Pampanga's Sweet Hamonado one, which you can find in most Asian stores in the refrigerated section.

Here's how to cook:

Purchase the one on the right (red label).
In a pot, completely cover sausage with water (1-2 inches) & boil until all water evaporates (about 30-40 minutes).

When water is almost gone, poke sausages with fork so oils come out. Fry sausauges in the same pot until crispy, or your liking.

Pairs nicely with mimosas or bloody marys, and kimchi fried rice :)