Saturday, April 21, 2012

KCC Farmers Market

One of the great things about Hawaii is that they have a lot of land, which means many farms, fresh food & produce. I haven't been to a farmers market since I left the Bay Area, known for their street shows and markets, so I was excited to learn that Hawaii has some mean ones as well!

The KCC farmers market is the first one I've been to in Hawaii, and I have to admit that it's going to be a tough one to beat! They have everything from fresh farm produce, from farm to table, onolicious drinks & smoothies, lots & lots of food vendors, flowers, and more! And it's in a perfect location because you can park at KCC, go on the Diamond Head hike across the street, then come back to all the goodness food as an incentive (which is what I did)! Here's a peak of just some of the amazingness they have!

Pineapple Smoothie - Hits the spot especially after a morning workout!
Kukui Sausage Co - many different types of flavors!

You can either get it with or without the bun.

We tried the kim chee sausage - soooo good!
Finally! I've always wanted to try this place! I saw them on TV shows before.

Cheesy grits - $6

Corn & crab chowder from the Hawaiian Chili Co.

And last but not least, the food of the day is...Yogurt cheese (garlic herb flavor) from Naked Cow Dairy - soooo creamy, it literally just melts in your mouth! It's funny cuz I literally just bookmarked this place the other day to go here (located in Waianae) but good thing they were at the farmers market in town!