Monday, May 9, 2011

NOPA - favorite restaurant in SF!

NOPA located in the Northern Panhandle of San Francisco, is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. I have taken my parents, out of town guests, birthday peeps here & not one person has disliked it. Family-style is the way to go so you can try lots of different dishes. The menu changes daily, however staple items such as the grassfed burger and porkchops remain the same. There is always a delicious flatbread but the ingredients on it will be different everyday.  I am always impressed. A table is hard to come by so make reservations atleast 3 weeks or so in advance!

broccoli & cheddar soup with amazing croutons

white beans with feta cheese & maranara sauce

flatbread pizza with kumkwat & bacon

delicious tender porkchops with arugula, potatoes, & artichokes

roasted sardines with chickpeas

russian kale with white beans

grassfed gruyere cheesebuger with  bacon, aioli sauce

cows milk cheese, buttery crostinis, honey glazed almonds

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