Monday, May 23, 2011

SF Underground Food Market

San Francisco recently started an underground food market showcasing chefs that do not have enough funds to open up their own restaurants. They come together to share their food at this mini festival held once a month at San Francisco's Public Works bulding. There were many vendors in the two-story building and I was able to try 4 of them.

We waited about half an hour in the freezing wind, but it was worth the experience!

First thing I tried: duck confit tacos

in preparation...

final product

HUGE crowd consistently from 6pm-midnight!

2nd thing I tried: raw daddy's "italian" cone. I wanted to try the mushroom & polenta one but they were sold out!

it's a flaxseed cone stuffed with ricotta cheese, sundried tomato spread, & pesto

3rd thing: meatballs! underneath the scrumptious sauce is a mushroom & parmesan ball AND a regular meatball

And last but not least, Thai yellow curry!

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