Monday, July 11, 2011

Limon Rotisserie

For a couple years now, I've heard many great things about the Limon restaurants in the Mission district of SF. Peruvian-style food, small dishes, served family style. The rotisserie is especially known for their chicken (kind of like huli huli chicken in Hawaii, but better). I was very impressed with the food, affordable pricing ($20 each including drinks, party of 8), & ambiance.

cevicheria - fish marinated with leche de tigre (citrus based), served with big corn kernals

carne (sirloin, eggs, & raisins), pollo (roasted chicken & olives), & veggie (mushroom, spinach, cheese) empanadas

yuca fries

dipping sauces (for everything)

tacu-tacu - mashed up rice & beans

infamous rotisserie chicken

ensalada rusa (root veggies including beets, peas, green beans, tossed with a zesty mustard dressing)

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