Monday, July 18, 2011

Shanghai Dumpling King

Shanghai dumplings are one of my favorites at dimsum. It's filled with pork & a delicious soup. It's often served with a vinegar, shoyu sauce & eaten with a spoon to avoid the broth spilling all over. There's a place in San Francisco called Shanghai Dumpling King that specializes in these delicious dumplings. They also serve other types of dumplings & dishes. Everything is so affordable. The shanghai dumplings were 10 for ~$5.50. Three of us ordered 30 dumplings & 2 dishes, all for $12 per person, including tax & tip.

infamous shanghai dumplings

spicy chive/pork dumplings - really good too. also had a soup inside.

veggie/pork dumplings. was okay, pretty bland compared to the other two.

braised stringbeans with garlic & onions
preserved egg tofu (cold)
crab/pork dumplings ($8.95) - more expensive & only got 8 instead of 10. regular shanghai dumplings more worth it because you could barely taste the crab.

shanghai noodles

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