Monday, September 12, 2011

Hukilau Poke Festival

Hukilau's poke festival in San Francisco is something I look forward to every year. This year, they celebrated their 10th year & I feel honored to have been to 8 of them! The poke fest is known for their infamous spam musubi eating contest - whoever can eat the most in 3 minutes. And of course, the poke contest where restaurant chefs create their best poke platter. This year, restaurants such as Butterfly, Ozumo, The Slanted Door, and Pacific Catch participated in the contest. 3 'celebrity' judges, as well as one 'normal' person, ME :) got to judge the poke on its taste, originality, & presentation.

ahi with wonton chips & nori

"bibimbop" served with uni, ahi, soft shell crab, tako, brown rice

this contestant had 3 different dishes - the "bibimbop" one, white dish with toro & foie groie, and a shooter with uni, ikura, and ahi

three different types of poke

poke with caviar mix with furikake chip

ahi in a spam can!

left: crab salad with poke cone, right: mango salsa ahi poke

ahi, avocado, tobiko mix

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