Monday, September 26, 2011

Marin French Cheese Company tour

Marin French Cheese Company, located in Petaluma, California near the coast, is a beautiful property with a quaint cheese factory, a large picnic area, & a crystal clear lake. The actual cheese factory is small, but they produce large amounts of brie-like cheese every week. I got to learn about the processing, aging, and how to eat it.

the cheese refrigerator

before we went into the actual factory, we had to be covered from head to toe - hair nets, mouth & nose, body suit, & booties

cheese fermentation

there are different stages of fermentation, multiple rooms, & unique flavors

you can see the rind growing

fully grown rind & definitely edible

cheese makers at work

our tasting - 7 different variations of fermentation stages starting from top left

all of the ones we tried in the above picture

The most interesting thing I learned is that many people think the rind is the most moldy part, however, the mold (cheese) grows from inside out, so the actual cheese in the middle is the moldiest!

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