Tuesday, December 6, 2011

swan oyster depot

Swan Oyster Depot is known for their daily variety of fresh seafood from lobster, scallops, and even live uni! WHAT WHAT! The hole-in-the-wall is made up of one long countertop that can fit about 20-25 guests, showcasing in the window all of their seafood for the day. The line is always long and if you go on a Saturday, the wait is probably atleast an hour, but it is definitely worth it! You are allowed to have a drink (or bottle for that matter) while standing in line. The staff is all super friendly. Hurry - GO!

door to heaven

fresh clam chowder - you could literally taste the clam juices

sicilian sashimi - salmon, scallops, and hamachi with olive oil, capers, onions, & cracked pepper

combination seafood salad with dungenous crab, large & small shrimp - served with a louie dressing

3 different kinds of oysters (they have a lot more to choose from!)

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