Monday, December 5, 2011

Caribbean Crown Princess cruise food!

Here are some of my favs & unique foods from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Caribbean Crown Princess cruise:

This is in Miami, Florida @ Puerto Sagua - oxtail stew, black beans, plantains, & rice

empanadas in Miami

Cuban sandwich

on Miss Crown Princess - bangers & mash, an English lunch

I had a cheese plate everyday on board!

and we had this pretty much everyday for breakfast too - lox, cream cheese bagel

conch in Roatan, Honduras - texture super chewy, made with garlic/butter sauce

most unique/weird thing eaten - WILD IGUANA - made pulled/shredded style & didn't have much taste since iguanas are vegetarians

Thanksgiving lobster dinner on board

veal with mushrooms, gravy, & truffle mash at Sabastini's on board

more cheese!

mixed plate - locals eat stewed chicken in Belize, really good!


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