Thursday, June 23, 2011

amazing in a box called EIJI

After trying Gazen's homemade tofu in Hawaii, I've been on a lookout for more amazingness, especially in San Francisco. And I've finally found it at Eiji, located in the Castro district!

oboro tofu - made to order. soooo creamy & soft. served with soy sauce, sesame seeds, shiso, green onion, ginger, bonito flakes, & spicy sauce

2nd tofu dish - served under a special soy sauce

duck breast

black cod - super tender

miso eggplant

nigiris - white tuna, spicy scallop, uni

strawberry mochi with red bean paste


  1. Omggggg, I love homemade tofu. Have you tried Jimami tofu? It's made from peanuts.

  2. No I haven't! Where can I get myself some?? That sounds amazing!!

  3. I'm not sure, I've only had it here. You should make it your next mission to find some!

  4. Oh, I just looked it up and apparently it's specifically Okinawan. So it might be hard to find. But I'm sure not impossible!