Wednesday, June 1, 2011

San Francisco's OFF the Grid!

Every Friday, Fort Mason in San Francisco hosts a bunch of food trucks that are usually at random places in the city during the week. They are sometimes difficult to find because everyday they are usually in a different location. Many people use Twitter to locate them. For people like me who aren't able to make it into the city for lunch, Off the Grid is a good event to do so. It starts at 5pm & goes until 9-10pm, or until vendors run out of food.

spicy, roast pork, & steak tacos

mac & cheese fritter with cheese fondue

beef potsticker with cheese fondue

chairman bao's famous baked roast pork manapua

godzilla hotdog with bacon!

Hapa SF's filipino sisig tacos

chairman bao's steamed roast pork manapua's

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  1. Girrrrrllllll did you really eat all of that? So jealous.