Monday, June 13, 2011

I could eat this everyday: My Tofu House!

Another one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco is My Tofu House. They are known for their soondubu, or soft tofu soup/stew. There are different types & spiciness to choose from.
small dishes are served with your meal: kimchee, fried fish, beansprouts, pickled cucumber, daikon, small fish, & rice

I always get this one: orginal with beef, mild. All soups come with one raw egg to drop inside, served in a stone pot.

This is the seafood, spicy.

My Tofu House has one of the best kalbi's I've ever tried. It comes simmering on a hot plate, served with grilled onions.

This is the beef & vegetable bibimbop. Also delicious.

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