Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Say cheeeese!

Cheese is one of my favorite type of foods. I can eat it anytime, anywhere.

I first started getting into cheese when I moved to San Francisco for college. My good friend worked at Cowgirl Creamery located in the Ferry Building. She would bring home cheese everyday & teach me about the different types. There are 3 kinds of milks that can be used in cheese: cow, sheep, & goat. There are endless varieties of each, one of my favorites being aged gouda. I love the little crispy crystals in it.

The actual Cowgirl Creamery (where they make the cheese) is in Point Reyes. There, you can taste, take tours to learn about cheese, and see how it's actually made:

Photos by Chad D Photography


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  1. OMg Alysha, I MISS real cheese... it's so hard to come by in Japan, and when you do it's 10x more expensive! Congrats on your new blog :)