Monday, February 28, 2011

BEST sandwiches

Sandwiches are a huge craze these days. Many people are getting out there to make the biggest, bestest, & tastiest ones. There are many delicious sandwich places in San Francisco, California. I say "places" because some of them are literally hole-in-the-walls, food trucks, cafes, sit-down restaurants. Regardless of where they are served, my favorites are the ones that have a unique flare, something that not just the girl next door has. Check it:

Roli Roti - Porchetta sandwich: crispy skin pork, curly cress, onion marmalade, sea salt, meat juices 
Saigon Sandwich - Vietnamese chicken sandwich, pickled veggies, creamy mayo sauce (?)

Lou's Cafe - breakfast sandwich: egg, cheese, bacon or ham, hashbrowns on ciabatta bread, special garlic spread

Other favorites in the Bay Area, California include:
  • Little Lucca combo: mortadella, provolone, salami, special garlic sauce (South San Francisco, CA).
  • Alco's Famous Market: you make your own sandwich - full meat, cheese, veggie, & condiment bar. If you guess the price of your sandwich correctly, you get it FREE (Novato, CA)!


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