Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Omakase

An omakase style Japanese meal consists of the chef's choice of food & flavor from appetizers to sushi to sashmi. At restaurants, it is a set price & usually at a very high cost. Although I've only eaten here once, Sasabune in Honolulu, Hawaii is one of my favorite restaurants that provides omakase. Their dishes are unique, fresh, & the fish is flown in from Japan daily.

The very lucky girl that I am, got the bestest Valentine's day dinner surprise ever...a HOMEMADE omakase style meal!!! Even BETTER than Sasabune! And yes, he did make ALL of it, even the sushi rice! Check it out...

Plum Wine

Tamago Appetizer

Smoked Salmon

Uni & Ikura Handroll
Hamachi Nigiri
Spicy Scallop Nigiri

Crab & Avocado Maki

Completed Dish 1

Completed Dish 2

Ready to eat!

Best Valentine's Day ever!!