Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the Best of Thai

I first got hooked on Thai food when I moved to San Francisco 8 years ago. It is affordable & so delicious! One of my favorite restaurants is Marnee Thai in the Inner Sunset district. I always get the same dishes there - pad see ew with chicken, pad poo (pad thai with dungenous crab instead of prawns), & the garlic basa (white fish). Another great restaurant is King of Thai - this place is open late night & can actually never go wrong at any time of day!

Last year I am lucky to say I actually got to go to the home of thai food - Thailand! There, I got to try very authentic cuisines - some way TOO spicy, some just amazing!

However, the BEST kind of thai food is the kind that's homemade just for you by one of your thai friends! It was soooo incredibly scrumptious!

fish sauce, cucumbers

Khai Jiao - thai omelet / fried egg

I always wondered what that delish sauce was in Pad See ew!

Pad See ew - noodle dish

Pad Gra Pow - pork stir fried with thai basil


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  1. who's your friend that knows thai food?! looks delicious!