Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food & Wine Pairings

What's so special about living in the Bay is that wine country is just a drive away! I love love wine, but what makes wine so great to me is what it's paired with. There are many wineries & wine bars that have a set pairing menu & I am grateful to say that I've been to a few.

Mayo Reserve Room (Kenwood) - $35 for 7 pairings! This is a steal & my favorite food pairing thus far.

arugula hearts with pomegranate (2007 chardonnay), seared scallops with mushrooms and banana creme fraiche (2007 vognier), apple sauce braised short ribs with curry guava (2007 zinfandel)

pulled pork slider with anderson valley pickles (2005 meritage), fruit ratatouille with smokey blue (2006 syrah), miso braised potato with chorizo and quail egg (2006 petite syrah), not pictured - olive oil gelato with pomegranate balsamic (2006 zinfandel port)

St. Francis (Santa Rosa)
beet salad, oxtail, mini cheeseburger, brie cheese with cream of mushroom

unfortunately, i don't remember what wines this was paired with

chocolate drizzle on chocolate brownie with port
Etude (Napa)
grilled eggplant with goat cheese, cured lemons, almonds (pinot gris, chardonnay), cured smoked sonoma rabbit (deer camp pinot, heirloom pinot), braised short rib with black currant (estate red, cabernet sauvignon), chocolate truffles 

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  1. oooh, looks good! lol- i heard williamson has dec food/wine pairings... maybes we should check it out sometime!