Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secret Secret sushi & sashimi

So there's this little, old, hole-in-the-wall place located in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco. I've been trying to go to for the past 3 years or so. I say trying because it is so hard to get a seat (!!) - there are only 2 seatings per night, one at 7:00pm, one at 9:30pm and only 11 chairs in the place! It's a "secret" place that not many people know about because there is no english sign near or around the restaurant. Some people know it as "no name," but the real name is Tekka.

The secret is to get here an hour before the doors open. Like me, if you arrive at 6:00pm, you will be the FIRST in line! There are a bunch of house rules that you may need to know before embarking on this adventure:

Then when 7:00pm hits, Noboru-san opens the door & it's first come, first serve to your seats. Another secret - they take orders from the right to left at the bar, so it's best to sit closer to the right side to ensure the fish you want doesn't become a "no more." The wife takes all the orders & prepares all the hot food in the back (and by "hot" food I mean hamachi kama, miso soup, salmon skin). As the sign says above, there is no teriyaki or tempura (this place is only for serious sushi-eaters). Noboru-san cuts all the fish & plates them very neatly. The old couple is super cute - atleast in their 80s/90s.

He is known for his sashimi platters. Really HUGE cuts of fish, chef's choice. Good for 2 people - $32.

salmon, tuna (2 or 3 kinds), toro, hamachi, scallop, ika, tako, Japanese cucumber, seaweed salad
Even the nigiri & handrolls are big too!

salmon skin handroll, uni nigiri (would have been bigger but he had to split what was left of the uni between last minute orderers)

All washed down with a nice warm bowl of miso soup!

Definitely well worth the wait! Will be back again Noboru-san aka No Name aka Tekka!


  1. wow that looks so good there!!! was it expensive?? i love their house rules! its blatant and to the point...no complaining!!! haha ;p

  2. Everything ordered is pictured (sashimi platter, uni nigiri, salmon skin roll, & miso soup) = ~$50. Not bad at all for 2 people considering how huge everything was!